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What is it like to work with cash buyers in Massachusetts? For many homeowners, it’s a fast and easy way to prevent foreclosure, get quick cash, or sell a house that needs major repairs. See for yourself.

Salem street, North Andover, MA house

North Andover Cape House Rehab:

bed 3 bed

bath tub 2 bath

house 1552 sqft

A young couple bought this house as a first home but later found that there were significant structural issues present. We walked the home with our engineer to determine what we were up against, and we ultimately were able to offer the couple a fair price and help them get out of a tough situation. After fixing the structural issues, we added 1 bath, completely renovated the kitchen, and updated the aesthetics throughout.

kitchen with blue island

“Aaron is a fantastic agent! He is professional, a great communicator, and passionate about what he does. An added bonus was his extensive construction experience when attending showings. We are excited to be moving into our first home and would definitely recommend Aaron to anyone!”

Debbie C., Arlington, MA

McKinley Street, Maynard, MA house

Charming Three Bedroom Home Renovation:

bed 3 bed

bath tub 2 bath

house 1432 sqft

The gentleman who owned this property passed away and it went through probate to the children. They were trying to find cash buyers in Massachusetts who’d make a fair offer so they could move quickly – it worked out perfectly with us. The home needed a full plumbing rehab and well as a new electrical service. There were also major asbestos issues in the basement and attic. After getting through the major issues, we added a bath, renovated the kitchens, and modernized the entire property.

turning closet into a half bath

“Aaron is awesome to work with! His experience across multiple areas within real estate from flipping houses to construction management to rental property management bring a unique perspective to any conversation involving real estate and can be vital when determining the true value of a property as well as what to look out for when making a purchase. Would recommend Aaron to anyone!”

Ryan G., Worcester, MA

Mack road, Fitchburg, MA house

From Abandoned To Renewed Living Space:

bed 3 bed

bath tub 1.5 bath

house 1218 sqft

We acquired this property going into the first COVID wave in March 2020. The seller had bought it as an investment property without realizing it was zoned commercially and had a vacant status with the town. The seller did not have the time or the resources to resolve the issue with the zoning board and accepted our offer to purchase. We ultimately presented our issues to the ZBA (zoning board of approvals) and were allowed a permit to reinstate the property as a residential home despite the commercial designation. We added a bath, refreshed the kitchen, and did a full aesthetic update before selling.

kitchen rennovation
Mechanic Street, Fitchburg, MA multi-family house

Multi-family Stabilization:

bed 9 bed

bath tub 4 bath

house 3577 sqft

This property was going into foreclosure, had non-paying tenants, and had major roof damage. The seller was dealing with health issues and needed to get out of the property. We were able to come to an agreement, made the corrections to stabilize the property, and got the trouble tenants out. We ultimately brought the entire building up to a well-operating rental property and sold it to another investor.

living room rennovation

“Awesome guy. Loves doing what he does. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys clear communication and someone articulate!!”

Sukhy H., Northborough, ma

Phillips street, Fitchburg, MA house

Adding Value To The Community:

bed 3 bed

bath tub 2 bath

house 1305 sqft

The seller had inherited this house from a family member who passed away. The property was left vacant and was deteriorating due to weather exposure and costing the seller monthly for insurance and taxes. Our cash offer was accepted, and we were able to give the seller a fair price and get into a great project. We fully updated the kitchens and baths, new paint, new floors, and all new siding.

bedroom before/after

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