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How we buy houses for cash

It’s easy to sell your house to “We Buy MA Homes” because we are the ones buying your property directly. We’re able to make such a great cash offer because we cut out agent commissions and other fees – this is how our Easy cash offer program works.

Alternatively, we offer our Extend white-glove listing service. When you list with us, you won’t lose your cash offer, it’s good for 30 days. Now that is peace of mind.

Check out Our Cash Offer vs Listing Service comparison chart.

The Easy Way To Sell Your House Fast!

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No broker fees No repairs No cleaning

Get Your Cash Home Offer In 4 Easy Steps:

enter your information

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We’ll reach out to schedule a timeslot that works for you.

Sign your cash offer

Within 24 hours, we’ll send you the offer to review and sign.

YOU GET the cash

We close at a local title company and write you a check.

“Aaron is awesome to work with! His experience across multiple areas within real estate from flipping houses to construction management to rental property management bring a unique perspective to any conversation involving real estate and can be vital when determining the true value of a property as well as what to look out for when making a purchase. Would recommend Aaron to anyone!”

Ryan G., Worcester, MA

Enter Your Information

Ready to sell your house? Tell us a bit about your property in the form below. Remember, at this stage in the game there are no obligations to sell.

When you decide to sell your house to us you never need to clean, so you don’t have to worry about prepping the house. Even better, there are no repairs necessary, so there is no reason to call your contractor to start the work you’ve been putting off. Oh yeah, and there are no fees!

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Appointment Confirmation

Once we’ve received the info on where you want to sell your house, one of our lovely agents will get in touch to schedule a walk. By taking a brief look at your house, we can provide a legitimate cash home offer that we can put our name on.

Don’t worry though, if you decide you want to move ahead, there will be no open houses, no formal inspections, and no showings. You are only dealing with our team directly!

Sign Your Cash Offer

After crunching the numbers, you’ll receive your competitive cash home offer in 24 hours. There is no need to be concerned about the fine print, when you sell your house to us, what you see is what you get.

We hate surprises come closing day, and we don’t want to surprise you. To ensure the transaction goes smoothly and there is more cash in your pocket when you need it, we pay closing costs. Now that’s a deal!

You Get 100% Cash

The last step in the process is to schedule your payday. Not everyone’s circumstances are the same, so we can close on your schedule.

In addition to paying no closing costs, you can rest assured there are no agent commissions either. We close at a local Title Company and write you a check, so you are getting 100% cash.

List My House On MLS Without Losing My Cash Offer.

As licensed agents, we’ve made the steps to selling a house the traditional way super easy too.

Plus, when listing with us, you can move ahead with peace of mind knowing your backup cash offer is waiting in the wings for up to 30 days.

“Aaron is a fantastic agent! He is professional, a great communicator, and passionate about what he does. An added bonus was his extensive construction experience when attending showings. We are excited to be moving into our first home and would definitely recommend Aaron to anyone!”

Debbie C., Arlington, MA

Cash Home Offer vs. Traditional Way

One of the benefits of accepting a cash offer for your house is that there are no closing costs or hidden fees, you’re getting 100% cash.

When you decide to sell your house the traditional way, the fees will add up, but you also will get a higher price tag for your property.

Here Is An Actual Case Study:

A Massachusetts-based homeowner was getting a cash offer for the house in the amount of $250,000,00. He was also looking at the MLS listing option and was wondering which one made more sense for his property.

Check out how this deal breaks down in the comparison chart aka the seller’s net sheet:

our home packages explained
Our 24-hour cash home offer

Our white-glove listing service
time2 weeks90 days
offer$250,000,00 $270,000,00
(assuming $4k annual)
(assumes 5% on $250K)
(assumes $1800/year)
$75 $450
broker commission $0 $16500
repairs $0 $5000
maintenance (heat, water, electrical) $0 $1500
cleaning $0 $400
the amount you get paid on the closing date $249,245.00$258,525.00

As you can see, a higher sales price on the market does not correlate exactly with your bottom line. While the final check you receive might be a bit higher, you need to take into account all of your other associated fees, commissions, and holding costs – not to mention the schedule. When it is all said and done, even if you are getting a bit more, is it worth your time and effort?

Either way, we are happy to help in any way that makes sense for you. Our goal is for you you to have the right information to make the decision that works for you and to prove to you we are the right partners to help guide you in whatever direction makes sense for you.

See What We Can Offer You For Your House

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“My Father had made the very tough decision to sell his home of almost 40 years. Aaron made this choice so much easier for my Father. He explained everything so that my Father could understand and was comfortable. The remodeled home was absolutely amazing! We couldn’t believe what they did and all the changes! That “old” house looked so fresh, modern, and BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for everything and also taking the time to show us after it was complete. We are going to refer you to everyone.👍👍👍👍👍”

Doris W., Fitchburg, ma

How We Establish Our Cash Home Offer Price

First, we perform a CMA (comparative marketing analysis) to establish the as-is price of the home.

Next, we establish the arv (after repair value) by finding nearby comps that are fully updated.

After this, we determine the scope of work by establishing the difference between the subject property and the arv comparable. Once we know the scope, we have our team of trade partners price the scope up for us.

The last variable we need is our minimum profit margin, which is usually about 12.5% (we do this to put food on the table for our family, so we do need to make some money).

From here, we bring it all together into a simple equation: ARV – Repairs – Minimum profit = Max Offer.  

A Real Example Of Our Cash Home Offer

We performed a cma to establish the as-is value

We found nearby comps to find the arv, which we determined was $250,000.00

We determined the scope of work and repair costs with our contractors, which we determined to be $65,000.00

We determined our minimum profit of 12.5% or $31,250.00

We ran the numbers ARV ($250,000.00) – Repair Costs ($75,000.00) – Min Profit ($31,250) = $153,750.00

In this case, it turned out that the seller had been willed the property years earlier, was paying the taxes on a vacant house, and was burdened by having to maintain an unused property.

We ran the numbers with them as laid out in the seller net sheet above, and determined that the bottom line value they would wind up with listing it on the MLS was only marginally higher than our offer, and they needed to sell quickly. We bought the property, renovated it, and sold it to great buyers who are enjoying it today.

We solved their problem, made a good purchase for our business, brought the neighborhood’s value up by improving the real estate, and provided a great home to a young family…talk about a win-win-win-win!!!

Reach Out Today – Get Your Fair Cash Offer

If you want to talk to us about selling your house, we would love to hear from you. Fill out the form to contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly, or give us a call (978) 494-5842 and we’ll be happy to discuss your case!

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