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Massachusetts is where we live & work, bringing local market expertise to the table.


Homes of all types are what we’re looking for. If the numbers work, we buy it!

Our Team

Aaron steeves

Founder and General Manager

MA native, entrepreneur, adventurer. Aaron has lived in 3 countries and traveled to over 30. His construction experience ranges from single-family home renovations to $11B mega projects (City Center, Las Vegas). He’s a builder, a real estate investor, and generally down to try anything once.

Fun Facts:

  • Ideal morning situation: “Worked out, hydrated, caffeinated”
  • Favorite TV series: True Detective Season 1
  • Most Inspiring Book Read: Vagabonding, Rolf Potts
  • Favorite Food: Sushi

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“Aaron is a fantastic agent! He is professional, a great communicator, and passionate about what he does. An added bonus was his extensive construction experience when attending showings. We are excited to be moving into our first home and would definitely recommend Aaron to anyone!”

Debbie C., Arlington, MA

Ksenia kolyeva

Marketing manager

Ksenia was born and raised in Russia, and today she’s proud to call the U.S. her home. She is a graduate in Marketing, a passionate traveler (lived in 7 countries and visited 45), and a yogi. Ksenia is in charge of our outbound messaging and takes care of everything from this website and emails, to the street signs and business cards.

Fun Facts:

  • Ideal morning situation: “Unrolled my yoga mat”
  • Favorite TV series: Stranger Things
  • Most Inspiring Book Read: The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand
  • Favorite Food: Pasta

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Our Story

Initial Exposure

Our home buying business began about a decade ago in the Boston area. At the time, our founder Aaron Steeves was working as a project manager in the commercial construction space building everything from major hospital infrastructure to university labs (he even built a large section of the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA). Through his work, Aaron was exposed to a revolving door of real estate developer clients who were more than happy to share their stories. Before long, he formed an interest in the industry. With a bit of elbow grease, Aaron purchased his first triplex and was hooked.

Early Growth

In the years that followed the business expanded. Aaron recruited his father and brother who worked together to grow the firm’s portfolio and transition from a side hustle to a fully operating real estate business. One unit grew to four and soon grew to twelve and Aaron capitalized on his knowledge of the construction process by getting into fix & flip opportunities. There were many trials, hardships and lessons learned the hard way, but working as a team the trio built the foundation for a successful business to grow.

Rubber Meets The Road

As they say, what got you here won’t get you there. With a growing business comes growing challenges. In order to meet the increasing demand of the business, Aaron invested time, money, and attention to proper education and credentials. Aaron made it a property to acquire licenses as a real estate salesperson and a builder and got an MBA to ensure he had the necessary knowledge and skills to keep the business on the right path.

Family Matters

Ten years later, the company continues to be family-run, and Ksenia, our marketing extraordinaire and now one of our visionary leaders has joined the ranks of both the family and the family business. Real estate is a demanding business with many ups and downs, and it can be a challenge to keep going day after day. With the right support around you, however, anything is possible.

A Bright Future

These days, the company focuses on residential properties of all types and specializes in opportunities where the firm’s extensive construction experience can be paired with our real estate acumen to identify, purchase and add value to properties all over MA. The team is continuing to optimize and scale operations with the hopes of becoming the premiere fix & flip team in the MA area and beyond!

Our Vision

We believe in living a life on your own terms. We left our 9-5 jobs and built a real estate business because we knew that working for a big corporation would never allow for the freedom of time, money, and purpose we wanted for ourselves. The autonomy to live such a life and having the means to do so is our “why” – it is what gets us out of bed every day and pushes us to grow this business.

After working in real estate for so many years, we have seen how the real estate establishment uses its influence to limit people’s freedom of choice when selling their homes. Various real estate interests regularly use their deep pockets to lobby congress and advertise nationally to make everyday folks believe that there is only one choice when selling.

Our vision is to bring the freedom of choice back to the people. We want to give you, the consumer, all of the options so that you can be in the driver’s seat and make the best choice for your family. That’s why when you work with us, we provide you with clear information on what your options are whichever way you choose to sell, and give you the autonomy to decide for yourself.

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